Leader in Mobile Application and Mobile Security Token Technology

Aradiom is an international leader in Java mobile application and platform development technology providing best-in-class solutions for enterprises and the public sector. We provide complete mobile solutions which include mobile application platform, turn-key applications, embedded soft-token security solution as well as BlackBerry® enterprise applications. We are dedicated to creating a user friendly and modular framework, which works independently of operators on more than 350 mobile devices and is equipped with the tools necessary for anyone to easily build, deploy and maintain high value, professional mobile applications.

Core Aradiom Products
Aradiom Mobile Framework™ (AMF)
A best in class mobile application platform that allows easy and rapid development and deployment. It features real-time content update tools with comprehensive device support.  Notable products built with AMF include:
• QuickBank™, a premier mobile banking solution
• QuickCity™, a mobile mGovernment application
• QuickFinance™, a stock trading and investment management application
• QuickFlight™, a mobile travel platform for airlines
• QuickOperator™, a feature rich mobile application for operators and content providers
• QuickPolice™, a secure application for law enforcement agencies

Aradiom BlackBerry® Enterprise Solutions
BlackBerry's first official partner in Turkey. Notable products include:
• Call Register, a tracking and reporting of billable mobile phone call management application for timekeeping professionals
• Portfolio Manager, a personal finance management application with full capability for trading stocks and placing an order
• MDViewer, a professional medical application with fully integrated access to medical record database
• myHotel, a hotel management application for real-time collaboration and management of events, room service, staff and more
• myCRM, a Customer Relation Management application for sales process management

Aradiom SolidPass™
An embedded two-factor authentication (2FA) and soft token security solution rendering the need for high cost hard token 2FA solutions obsolete.

Aradiom Value-Added Services (AVAS)
A complete framework-based mobile marketing toolkit to rapidly ramp up SMS or MMS based or marketing campaigns. Campaign setup, performance tracking as well as post-campaign analytics are highlights of this carrier class platform.

Aradiom Advantage
• Comprehensive and fully customizable mobile solution provider
• Broad industry experience in both enterprise and public sectors
• A management and business development team with deep experience in the emerging and global markets
• A technical team with deep experience in the mobile software development and related mobile technologies such as Bluethooth, WAP and 3G

Aradiom has offices in Switzerland, Turkey and the United States

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